Automotive Detailing

New location for all of your automotive detailing needs! Visit us @ Funken Auto Spa by Car-Store Automotive located @ 755 Woodlawn Road West, Unit #4, Guelph, right in the Auto mall!! Opening June 1st, 2018!


Car-Store Automotive Detailing Price List


Hand Wash / Wax (Includes dressing tires, etc.) – $19.99 (Vans and Trucks = $29.99)


Delivery Clean – Wash, Wax, Vac, Shampoo Floor Mats, Vinyl / leather wipe down + Door Jams / Windows – $49.99 (Vans / Trucks = $69.99)


Winter Prep – All of the above + Hand Wax, Seal Glass, and Door rubbers – $99.99 (Vans / Trucks = $129.99)


Wash, Wax, Interior Shampoo / Detail (Includes Vinyl Dressing, etc.) – $149.99 (Vans / Trucks = $169.99)


Pro Clean – Interior Shampoo + Vac Trunk / Paint Decontamination, Hand Wax, Engine Shampoo, etc. – $199.99 (Vans / Trucks = $249.99)


Royal Treatment – Pro Clean + 1 Step Exterior Polish / Buff, Hand wax, etc. – $299.99 (Vans / Trucks = $349.99)


Heavy Duty Wet sanding / Polishing and Buffing Quotes on Per Vehicle basis


Ceramic Coatings Available by Quote Only


Paint Correction
At Car-Store paint correction is our specialty and we are proud to stake our reputation on it. Paint correction is a long and labor intensive process through which paint is properly decontaminated, compounded, polished and restored to bring back that like-new or even better than new finish. Utilizing some of the best products and safest techniques, we’re able to take paint in any condition to a whole new level of clarity and shine, without jeopardizing the paint thickness.

Protective Coatings
Protecting the paint is our main objective with the protective coatings and one for which they were initially created. To ensure a nice finish and proper bonding, we include one stage of our Paint Correction process before a coating application in order to fully decontaminate the paint and greatly improve surface defects. Most used vehicles will require two or more stages of Paint Correction, depending on the overall condition and owner’s expectations.

Custom Coating Applications
While we normally apply protective coatings to paint or wheels, many clients request custom applications to protect other parts of their vehicle or completely different vehicles. We are more than happy to tailor the protection packages for your specific needs. Some of our typical custom applications include:

  • Glass
  • Interior carpet and upholstery
  • Exhausts and muffler tips
  • Brake calipers
  • Plastic trim
  • Headlights
  • Engine components and carbon fiber parts
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